Doodling Album Covers

In my teens I enjoyed doodling album covers for my favourite rock bands: Nirvana and The Doors. The doodles were based on some of the lyrics, usually taken from my favourite songs. None of them are any good doodles, they simply show how much emotional involvement I had when listening to these 2 great rock bands. Kurt screamed for me when things around got overwhelming and the fast-slow rhythm (screeching guitar swinging with hypnotic double bass) matched perfectly my mood swings. The Doors will always be for me the best rock band which ever ‘landed’ on this planet. Orchestration, lyrics, a message which was clear to those who listened even though all the members might have been doped whilst playing. If the lyrics didn’t get to you, then Ray Manzarek would do his best on his ‘double-deckers’ to capture the desire in you to listen endlessly to their music.

©2016 Ancussa


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